About AfroMillionsLotto

The results for our twice-weekly AfroMillionsLotto draw are based on the German National Lottery’s winning numbers. This ensures absolute transparency as you can watch the draw live on German television at http://bit.ly/1uUtwoS to check whether you have won.

Jackpots and prizes will also be displayed on this website, together with the prize values for correctly predicting 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 numbers as well as predicting all six winning numbers AND the bonus number.

The minimum jackpot starts at the local currency equivalent of Euros (€) 2,500,000 and rolls over each time if there are no winners, until it reaches a maximum of the local currency equivalent of Euros (€) 5,000,000, making it the largest jackpot on offer in Africa!

Please note, you can only buy an AfroMillionsLotto online ticket from our official website. Other than the clubs and charities you see on our website, we do not have any agents or third-parties contracted to sell tickets on our behalf.

AfroMillionsLotto is operated by Ofertas365 Limited, a publicly-listed, UK company headquartered in London (company number 10551144), whose shares trade on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange.